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You Will Love My Wine Picks!  -  ♥Chérie Du Vin 

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As a native Californian living in France,  I can help you find those wine gems you've come looking for.

  I speak wine - and French - and my talents shine when assisting other Wine Enthusiasts. I can also help with shipping your  wine finds back to 36 of the U.S. states -  affordably.          

My services include organizing and guiding private wine tours (specifically in the Champagne and Bordeaux wine regions), teaching wine tasting and wine appreciation classes, organizing wine tasting events - corporate or private, and assisting US wine importers when in France. I also provide PR/Marketing and editorial- web-video services for the wine industry.

I'm Certified as a Wine Locations Specialist for Champagne and Port wines.  


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Listen to Paige speak about 3 Top Champagnes for Summer Sipping, Exclusive Grower Champagnes, and French Rose' for food pairings.  

On Overseas Radio Network's "Girl's Guide To Paris.


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At Clos Vougeot, Burgundy  - Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting - Grand Jours de Bourgogne 2016  - Burgundy  
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Local Food And Wine

Local Food And Wine

Space Wine: All Systems Go For Tasting!

Space Wine: All Systems Go For Tasting!

by Paige Donner

A little more than a year after the 12 bottles of Bordeaux wine were rocketed up into orbit for space ageing, they’ve now safely landed back down to Earth.

Just last week, thanks to NASA and its collaborator, SpaceX Dragon Capsule, the 12 bottles of wine along with 320 grapevine clippings (160 of Cabernet Sauvignon and 160 of Merlot), splashed safely back down to Earth just off…

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Chérie Du Vin ♥

You will LOVE my wine picks! - ♥Chérie Du Vin

Space Wine: All Systems Go for Tasting

Space Wine: All Systems Go for Tasting

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Wine Rockets to Space for Near-Zero Gravity Ageing

Wine Rockets to Space for Near-Zero Gravity Ageing

Update by Paige Donner
Twelve bottles of French Bordeaux wine just rocketed off to the International Space Station on a mission to help further the science of food here on Earth.

The project is being fueled by Luxembourg startup Space Cargo Unlimited.  They acknowledge that in addition to the importance of food and wine having a presence in space exploration, their real motivation is to…

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61: French Music & Wine Playlist LGf+w Podcast

61: French Music & Wine Playlist LGf+w Podcast

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