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As a native Californian living in France,  I can help you find those wine gems you've come looking for.

  I speak wine - and French - and my talents shine when assisting other Wine Enthusiasts. I can also help with shipping your  wine finds back to 36 of the U.S. states -  affordably.          

My services include organizing and guiding private wine tours (specifically in the Champagne and Bordeaux wine regions), teaching wine tasting and wine appreciation classes, organizing wine tasting events - corporate or private, and assisting US wine importers when in France. I also provide PR/Marketing and editorial- web-video services for the wine industry.

I'm Certified as a Wine Locations Specialist for Champagne and Port wines.  


Click HERE Radio Interview Excerpt

Listen to Paige speak about 3 Top Champagnes for Summer Sipping, Exclusive Grower Champagnes, and French Rose' for food pairings.  

On Overseas Radio Network's "Girl's Guide To Paris.


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At Clos Vougeot, Burgundy  - Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting - Grand Jours de Bourgogne 2016  - Burgundy  
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